Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday CHICK-kabob

- Another sopping wet Sunday morning couldn't keep Life Pointe peeps away! I arrived at the theater during a break in the rain and was able to get all of my kids in without incident. Other people weren't so lucky today. I saw Lisette and Pam come in looking like they had just had a few buckets of water poured on them. God bless all of you who braved the torrential rain!!! At least that is all we will see of Gustav.
- Jennifer and Shelli taught in the 9 am while I attended service. Travis is preaching on money in the "Loaded" series. I just may have to go through our house and find some possessions we don't need anymore! If it isn't meeting a need, plant a seed.
- Back to the 2 yr old class with 9 little munchkins in there for the 2nd service. I was so excited today when Kelan was telling me all about Noah!
- We are getting all revved up for our September 14th launch of THREE SERVICES!!! I remember just a year ago freaking out about going to two services. Now we are going to three and somehow it seems a little easier. Maybe it is just that the Lord has calmed me down in the past year. I am trusting him to put all of our teams together!
- Over all it was a great (and wet) day. I am looking forward to a day with the family tomorrow and I plan on not doing any labor on Labor Day. Maybe we will bump into our long lost neighbors across the street if the mosquitoes aren't out!


Luciana - "Luci" said...

hey Kelly... it seems like the mosquitoes are finally starting to leave us... the last few days I went out for a walk with the kids they were not too bad, it could be because there was a nice breeze out there... I can't wait for them to go away... so we can have nice longer walks with the kids... we are looking forward to a get together with you guys... have a blessed week... love... luci

kellynkourtney said...

We are looking forward to it too!