Saturday, August 23, 2008

Belly shirts

One of our new favorite shows as a family is abc's Wipeout. The girls love it. Kourtney always talks about wanting to be on the show. McKenna says she doesn't want Kourtney to go or she will get wet and hurt.

A funny little exchange we had about it today...
Kourtney: Where is the show at?
Me: California
Kourtney: Well I will just tell the computer where I want to go and then I will drive my car there. How do I get in the show?
Me: (too distracted with Blake to answer)
Kourtey: (seeing some girls getting ready to compete) They wear belly shirts in California?
Me: Yes
Kourtney: (in a matter of fact tone) Well, I guess I will have to wear one. Where can I find one?
Me: We don't wear belly shirts.
Kourtney: Well then how am I gonna be on the show?

Then later tonight I noticed a new Barbie that I guess my mom got for the girls. She had a belly shirt on. Jokingly (but in a serious mom face) I said, "Kourtney who got you this doll?" She said "Grammy, I guess the Barbie is from California."


Anonymous said...

Please know that when Kourtney saw that the new Barbie had on a belly shirt, she was VERY UPSET until I told her she could change Barbie's clothes into something else when she got back to Florida. Grammy

Paige said...

Man, it appears that Barbie is really letting loose!

Very funny story though!!!

Johnson said...

Wow mom, that makes me so proud!

Paige, at least Barbie doesn't dress like the "Bratz Doll" yet!