Thursday, July 03, 2008

It's not mosquito season?

Here in Palm Isle we are about to get eaten alive. The mosquitoes are EVERYWHERE including my house where we chase them around and keep count of how many each of us kills. Seriously. So our neighborhood has banned together and inundated the mosquito call center with complaints. Well last week a representative stopped by and said they had received several complaints and were checking the area for beds. However, he didn't see any and it "wasn't even mosquito season." WHAT?!?! I should have brought all three of my children to the door to show him their bites.

So I called today. I had not called because I thought when they sent someone out here they would actually do something. The guy told me that the way they spray is they come to the person's house who complained and they spray their house and the house on each side. WHAT!?!?! When I was little, I remember trucks coming down the street shooting spray out of the back. We would all run for cover and pretend like we were being poisoned (maybe we were LOL). So I asked, so what if every single person in one neighborhood calls to complain? Are you going to go spray every single house in the neighborhood? His answer: yes.

Well, we shall see. If July isn't mosquito season then when is?


Erin said...

Does that mean they'll spray us twice? Cuz I called yesterday after we were outside for a MINUTE and Caden got bit three times - one on his leg, one on his cheek, and one on his eyelid. His eye was all swollen today. Poor baby.

Keith Courtney said...

Thats it! I would immediately report them to The Florida Anti-Mosquito Association (FAMA)! I honestly can't even believe they have a website for Mosquito Control Districts.

Anonymous said...

Hi Keith!!! Unfortunately, that is where I called to complain. I have just decided to switch perfumes from Ralph Lauren's Romance to Off ;).