Sunday, June 01, 2008

Ever cleaned your coffee pot?

About a year ago I told my friend Danielle that my coffee pot seemed to take forever to brew. She told me to run vinegar through my pot to clean it out. The first time i did it I could not believe the sludge that came out! What used to take 45 minutes to brew now only took 15 minutes. Now I do it every few months to keep it clean. The pot above is what came out this week.

How to: run about 6 cups of straight vinegar through your pot. Dump it out and then run about 4 pots of clear water through to rinse it out. Then enjoy better tasting, faster coffee!

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Anonymous said...

When I was first told to do that to clean my coffee pot I did not believe it either. Like you I now clean it often and the coffee tast so good.:)