Monday, May 26, 2008

Tiaras and Lizards

Kourtney is a princess. She loves to dress up and wear tiaras and fluffy pink stuff. She wants to dance like Cinderella and sing like Belle. However, she is not afraid to let her sporty, feisty side out either. She chases lizards and catches them. They are in abundance down here and often make their way inside of the house. You stop freaking out after a while and realize they are harmless. Kourtney likes to catch and release. She is our Lizard Exterminator.

Video Comments:
- Don't make fun of McKenna for her socks and crocks. She was wearing them to protect her bites. This was before her foot was too swollen to walk.
- Please excuse the garbage, pizza box, and utter mess by the front door. I have been exposed.
- I was holding Blake, jumping from couch to table because I can't stand the things!
- Yes, we still have chairs from the Easter Egg Hunt meeting in our house - we finally moved those today!


Anonymous said...

Send that girl over I am very so afraid of them!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Now, that's one well rounded girl!


Paige said...

Oh my gosh...Kelly I would right where you are. Although I would much rather a little lizard than a spider or other creepy bugs up here!