Saturday, May 24, 2008

Miami Seaquarium

We went back to use our annual passes. It was very hot, but fun. The Flipper show was very cool. Uncle Philio went with us too.
I could never get...
...them to all smile... the same time!
Riding the dolphin
Working the camera for candy!There was a scuba diver down with the fish. It was very cool.
If you look closely you can see the Sea Turtle in the water, the deer in the shrubs, and an iguana behind the deer (the iguana is more clear in the next picture). Quite an interesting combo.
Deer and iguanaNemo!

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Amy Elizabeth Robinson said...

Cutie pies! I LOVE the new header. We are in Tally and I saw Kristen and Tabitha today. I was telling Tab that your Blake is just a little bigger than her Ella who was born in Dec. Wish you were here.