Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Great Grandchild #14, Blake

My Grandpa Webb (Alphus Eugene - Gene for short) was in town last weekend. He drove all the way from Ohio. When he got here he let me know that Blake was Great Grandchild #14 and he had seen #15 (Merick) the week before. I re- learned a few things about my Grandpa this weekend. I guess it means more when you are older... he was a Marine from 1949-1953. His dad worked in a Coke Plant (which he referred to as "pop" thank you) and he lived in the factory warehouse with his family for a while. There was a time when they lived in Louisiana as a boy that they didn't have power or running water. They kept their milk and butter in a tin pale by a spring to keep it cool. He met my Grandma Webb (Shirley, who passed away when I was 16) from being set up by his parents. He was supposed to go back to California where he had left his car after being in the service there. Instead he called his buddy and told him to take care of the car. My dad was born the next year.

Children (3):
Carl, Carol, and Roy

Grandchildren (9 in order):

Billy Jo, Michelle, Kelly, Brandon, Brianne, Kevin, Brooke, Brittany, and Brynnae.

Great Grands (15):

Craig and Billy Jo had -
Devin , Evan, Krystina and Elizabeth
Michelle had - Christopher, Ciara, and Corey
Brandon and
Toya had - Kamden, Kylar, and Kallie
Travis and Kelly had - Kourtney, McKenna, and Blake
Brianne and Travis had - Conner and Merick

Kevin and
Brittany - TBA!

We showed him some real Mexican food at El NachitosHe stuffed eggs with us at the church for our Easter Egg Hunt on SaturdayWe took him to the Keys to eat at Islamorada Fish Company


Anonymous said...

How wonderful that he is still so active, has great memory, and is able to drive all the way down here.
Hre is to you granpa Webb, may you have many more wonderful years ahead of you.!!!!


Anonymous said...

Yeah I made it onto another picture here on Kelly's blog. Approximately 15% of me appears in the picture that was taken last Saturday morning on the stage of the original church sanctuary. I'm in front of Gene and to the right of Travis. We made a great team that morning. It was fun to meet and hang out with Gene. He is full of energy ! MORE CANDY !!! MORE EGGS !!!