Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Baptism at the Bay

There were about 100 of us out at Bayfront Park in Homestead on Sunday. We had baptisms and a picnic. It was awesome. A bit windy, but very fun.


The Major said...

Nice. I finally made it onto a picture on your blog !

Did you ever find that pic of me, Phil, and Paul posing with Blake ? It's an instant classic.

Travis Johnson said...

What picture are you referring to? I have no clue.

And which one are you in this picture? Is that you with the khaki shorts and blue shirt?


majorhitwaves said...

It's the "Three Men And A Baby" picture that was snapped of me, Phil, and Paul behind a somewhat worried Blake sometime on a Sunday morning in January. I can't remember if someone was holding up Blake at the time or if he was in his stroller. I also can't remember who took the picture. Maybe it was Jesse ? All I know is that it is an instant classic - whereever it is.

Travis Johnson said...

I would love to see it. I haven't.