Saturday, January 12, 2008

Thanks Erin!

Erin is an online scrap-booker. I am not quite sure what that means exactly, but the stuff she does is really cool! I also love the name of her blog... justsomeofmyscrap! My question, Erin, is do you print these pages, or just keep online stuff? I love it!

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Erin said...

I haven't printed any of mine (yet) but I have a coupon for 3 free 12x12 prints, so when I decide which other two I want printed, I'll have this one done also. If I ever get caught up and have all of Caden's first year done, I'm thinking I'll get them printed and bound in a book (like thru Snapfish or something).

I'll have to show you the magnets I got made for Christmas gifts - little 2x2 magnets with a layout on each one. They were a big hit.

Glad you like your was fun to do a girly one for a change!