Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The name "McKenna"

Naming McKenna was quite a memorable task. She was going to be Luke for so long, we never even considered any girl names. So when she was born Travis promptly went and got our baby name book. We sort of had a short list in our heads of names we had talked about before and McKenna was one of them. I thought it sounded so pretty and we liked Mackenzie, but wanted something different. We decided McKenna Grace it would be. The definition of McKenna: happiness (African meaning) and able (Irish meaning).

We have met four McKennas since then - one of them being a cabbage patch named McKenna Faith that my mom found! And in 2007 she made it to the top 100 baby names! She is number 79.


Anonymous said...

Alright I came in #16 too bad mine is spelled with only 1 L :)


Anonymous said...

Dont feel bad Ela, I am falling to
#87 LOL
Well Kelly her name is perfect for her and the meanings are a given.


Travis Johnson said...

Ela you will be interested to know that your name was actually our number 2 pick - but spelled Ella. You have a beautiful name!


Jenn said...

The next time you and Travis are in the North Georgia area, you should take the girls to the Cabbage Patch Hospital. They'll be able to name their own babies and watch birth (as it were)!