Thursday, January 03, 2008

Miss my girls

We left the girls in Louisiana with their Grandpa and Grammy. I miss them SOOOO much. It is so quiet around here. Just me and my boys! Travis and I have been taking full advantage. We go out all the time. Last night we were at Barnes and Noble until 10pm - I felt like I was breaking curfew or something.

My mom emailed me these cute snippets this morning and I just had to share...Today I called Carl "honey" and McKenna said, "I honey, Grammy, he's Carl." I didn't even know she really knew your dad's name, but she wanted to make sure I knew she was "honey" and he was "Carl."

She and Kourtney were watching a new Mickey Mouse DVD I got them yesterday and there's a part in with with a mean bulldog and I heard McKenna say, "Don't be afraid Kourtney. It's just a dog."

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Anonymous said...

How are you going to be able to handle all that peace :)

More time to bond with Blake.