Thursday, January 24, 2008

Blogworthy... "pop" or "soda"

Kourtney: Mommy, what do you call Sprite?
Me: Pop
Kourtney: Why?
Me: Because I am from Ohio
Kourtney: Where am I from again?
Me: Miami
Kourtney: Oh. And what do "Miami girls" call Sprite?
Me: Soda... but you can call it pop because I am from Ohio and you are my daughter
Kourtney: Well, I better call it soda instead.

Great. I lost that battle. I am outnumbered. Check out this website that breaks it down in our great country


Anonymous said...

Actually Kelly back in the was called soda-pop. I am guessing 1950-60's.


Phil J said...

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not teach my sweet little nieces and nephew to call a soda "pop".

Dorian & Monte said...

It's pop for me and it always will be, no matter where I live. lol Michiganders call it Pop too.

jenny said...

aww, this is cute.. i still call it pop too!
i'll try and pass it on with my kids too, we'll see :o)

Travis Johnson said...

Good luck with that Jenny... Travis is the one here who calls it soda. Both parents have to be on board or your children will end up confused like mine are!


Anonymous said...

Diet coke for me is fine. Or any other kind of soda.
Sorry Kelly.:(